Marie Castelli
Government affairs and relations senior manager France
EU charging chez Tesla

Ahmed Guenaoui
Directeur Solutions mobilité durable 
ENGIE Solutions

Christophe Nuttall
Executive Director at R20 Regions 
of Climate Action
Région de Genève, Suisse

Arnaud Pigounides
Fondateur de RETROFUTURE Electric Vehicles et 
Coprésident de l'Association de l'Industrie du Rétrofit électrique

Christophe Deloy.PNG

Christophe Deloy​
Consultant - Manager de Transition

Olivier Gregoire
Développement & Promotion 
de la Mobilité Électrique AVERE Ouest

Didier Malga

2018 Championnat du Monde Electric and New Energy Championship FIA

François Roudier
Directeur de la Communication 
Comité des Constructeurs Français d'Automobiles 


Alexandre Lagrange​​

Cofondateur chez EV4 France




With Zeplug, recharging your electric car has never been easier! Whether you are an owner or tenant in a condominium building, a property manager or union council, a company or a property developer, Zeplug offers simple solutions for installing charging stations on your parking spaces.



Rely on the specialist in the long-term rental of electric cars.
We have developed a specific offer so that professionals can carry out their energy transition with complete peace of mind.

We accompany you from the choice of your vehicle to the installation and maintenance of your recharging station (at home or in your company car park).

Securcharge is a payment processing consultancy that specializes in helping high volume merchants to establish dedicated merchant facilities with one or several of our domestic or offshore banks.This is achieved by leveraging our partner network of over 20 acquiring banks and service providers from across 6 Visa regions. Our directors have over ten years of experience in the payment processing .


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