Eday 2020 (Electric Mobility Day organised by the association BFCME, Avere France's branch in Burgundy Franche-Comté, on the Dijon Prenois circuit on 15 October)
A perfectly organised combination (in a "demanding" health context.

High-level conferences (plenary or thematic)

Company and brand stands

Vehicle testing on the track.

The opportunity for FFAUVE to meet new people and to increase its level of information and its network.

F²auve went to meet our future.


the 2 new FASTNED stations in Suhr, near Zurich, with a capacity of up to 300kW

An incursion into Alemanique Switzerland allowed us to see the state of the art in fast charging stations for EVs...
It was also an opportunity to talk at length with our friend FFAUVE Louis PALMER ( and to meet Ludmilla DERR (Elite Experts Conferences).


F²auve was present at the EVER exhibition in Monaco on September 11th and 12th. We were able to meet the actors of the world of mobility such as AVEM, ADEME, AVERE FRANCE, AUTOMOBILES PROPRE, SAP, ASAM, ...

Despite the pandemic and the Saturday sun, many of us took part in the debate organised by Jean Paul Faure, so that the users of electric cars could express themselves.

F²auve, as an association that represents EV drivers, was able to make its voice heard and the discussions were lively when we discussed the issue of recharging while roaming.

In this area, everyone agreed that France has a big gap that needs to be filled.

The long term target to aim for is the quality of Tesla's network which combines efficiency and ease of use.

F²AUVE actively participates in the studies requested by the state in the field of recharging, and makes it known in social networks that a huge step forward must be made in the coming months.

Appointment is taken in May 2021 for the new edition of the EVER fair.


Christophe Jenvrin.

Located within the electric range of the President of F²AUVE, this Auxerroise day 100% dedicated to electric mobility should not be ignored.

Getting there the day before by car with a long range and in good weather was already a pure delight.

The D-Day was a clever mix of :

- round tables, each one more interesting than the next, led by the specialist journalist Laurent MEILLAUD in support of an exceptional speaker Michel FORISSIER, World Director of VALEO.

- There will be plenty of opportunities to discover, during the breaks, recently marketed electric cars such as the SUV MG, the Honda city car or to see a preview of the Citroen C4 electric car.

Last but not least, it was a rare opportunity to meet some of the major players in the electric mobility ecosystem such as EDF, ENEDIS, PSA, etc etc.

For F²auve, to whom a speaking time was granted, it was also the occasion to make himself better known locally and to point out the Jurassic Electric Tour of his member VEGA.

The next not-to-be-missed day in Burgundy will be the one in Dijon in mid-October, if the health rules allow it.  


Stéphane SEMERIA

F²AUVE participated in the elaboration of the ELECTRIC VEHICLE GUIDE, initiated by Avere Occitanie, with the other active members of the Avere association, involved in electric mobility.


F²AUVE's contribution to the Citizen's Climate Convention What are the advantages of electromobility? How to encourage and support the acquisition of 100% electric vehicles?

At the invitation of Jacques ALEXANDRE President of the association CRIA-PARANGONNEURS de ROYAN (17) Jean-Claude LE MAIRE ( Le VE je le veux ) presented the advantages of electric mobility during a day on the theme of road safety and eco-driving co-organised with the local Royan Atlantique Mission, AgiRroute and Macif. Alternating with reminders of the highway code and eco-driving awareness on a simulator, the tests of the four EVs available, ZOE, e-208, LEAF 62 and Tesla M3, pleasantly surprised the participants, some of whom announced their decision to switch to electric mobility.

Using the latest virtual conferencing tools, Smarter Mobility Europe LIVE brings together key mobility decision-makers and opinion leaders from business and government. Strong networking and matchmaking techniques are applied to ensure that the most relevant stakeholders connect.

There is a need to bring order to the chaos that VIDOC-19 has imposed on the mobility industry, but there is also a need to bring order to the range of problems and solutions that generally exist for a smarter Mobility Europe.

Public acceptance has evolved in response to increased evidence and understanding of the potential to reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and congestion on the streets and lost productivity . This new vision of how we move people and products has created a renaissance in the mobility industry.

Response to the call for contributions, launched by the European Commission on the subject of recharging electric vehicles


Contributions to users' recommendations to the Quality Booklet of recommendations for EV recharging carried out by AFIREV 


Isivia or Vasy pas! A bomb in the electromobility sector with the removal of 180 Isivia terminals, F²auve is mobilising to deal with this abandonment of our recharging means used by more than half of the EV fleet. The integration in the government's recovery plan for the re-establishment of the corri door has been agreed.